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Criminal defense is considered to be the specialty of The Law Office of Jess R. Marchese. Because the focus of our services is so refined, it allows our firm to spend enough time and effort in handling the case of each client. Our firm is talented and knowledgeable in all things involving criminal defense and we know Nevada crime laws inside and out. We tackle different types of cases including criminal defense, misdemeanors, sexual assault, DUI / DWI, and felonies.

Our firm is very proud of our years of experience dealing with these different criminal law cases. We have represented people of all ages and backgrounds that were accused of life-altering crimes. Unlike most other firms, we make use of the latest technology, scientific techniques, investigative strategies and research databases to make sure that everything will be tackled and discussed when we work with our client’s case. We also work alongside our clients to make them involved in the decision making.

The Felonies in Boulder City, Nevada

Once you are convicted of a felony crime, it can definitely alter your life drastically. This is the reason why you should always have the best defense attorney to help you go through your legal issues and problems successfully. Most felonies are punished by time in the state prison, while others are only sentenced to formal probation. There are different crimes that can be categorized under felony and these include:

  • Drug-related cases such as selling, making or possessing abusive substances
  • White collar crimes such as forgeries, lying under oath, embezzling, bribery and computer crime
  • Violent crimes such as manslaughter, murder, arson, and kidnapping
  • Fourth DUI / DWI offense happened in a 10-year period
  • Sexual crimes including sexual assault, possessing pornography, and sexual abuse

With the help of a criminal defense attorney, clients will be able to determine mitigating factors in the crime that can help solve the case. The assigned lawyer will also help identify whether a weapon was used when the crime was committed. In other words, our firm will provide everything to aid our clients so they can emerge successfully from their felonies. It is the goal of the firm to help clients recover from their cases. We work very hard to avoid these charges from tainting the records of our clients.

Misdemeanors in Nevada

If you are accused of a misdemeanor it can be difficult to understand the legal system. Fortunately, you can always hire a reputable and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who can deal with the problem properly. All of our lawyers have already mastered the legal processes and they work endlessly to make sure that you are provided with proper representation.

We do not only represent adults, but we also represent minors and even tourists who are charged of any misdemeanors including domestic violence, drug violations, and as well as traffic violations. It is our job to prevent our clients from spending time in jail or in probation. We also make use of our extensive experience in handling each case to provide the best possible outcome to our customers.

Sexual Assault or Abuse

We provide a defense attorney who is well-equipped in handling sexual assault cases. Our countless years of professionalism have already helped a lot of clients all over the state. We ensure that each case is studied carefully and is tackled with sincerity to end up with an outcome that is just and impartial. Each lawyer is also asked to keep everything confidential for the client since this can be a very embarrassing and humiliating experience for them. Because of this, we also offer free consultations to make it easier for them to face their legal charges.

DUI / DWI in Boulder City, Nevada

It is very humiliating for a person to be taken in handcuffs after being subjected to the field sobriety test. If you have been arrested for DUI/DWI, it is possible for you to face probation, jail time, loss of your driver’s license, and huge amount of fines. Nevertheless, with the help of our firm, your DUI / DWI case can be handled properly and easily. We are capable of finding legal loopholes in your charge to ensure that you will get the least amount of punishment as possible. With our experience, we can make sure that your case will head in the direction that goes with your favor.

Finding the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer in Boulder City

If you are accused or charged of any of the crimes mentioned above, you can always rely on the criminal defense team of The Law Office of Jess R. Marchese. Our firm will provide you a great lawyer who can definitely help you solve your problem. We do have the experience to win your case.

Call The Law Office of Jess Marchese at 702-385-5377 to discuss your criminal defense, DUI / DWI, sexual assault, felony or misdemeanor case with an experienced attorney.

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