At The Law Office of Jess R. Marchese, we focus exclusively on criminal defense. Because our focus is so refined, our clients can be assured that they will get a lawyer who will give them the help and expertise that they need and deserve for their case. Our team of criminal defense attorneys is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of the law in Nevada including felonies, misdemeanors, sexual assault and DUI / DWI defense.

Our firm has years of combined experience in these fields, and we have successfully represented people who have been accused of everything from homicide to credit card fraud. Unlike many other firms, we use the latest in technology and scientific techniques as well as research databases and investigative techniques to ensure that no stone goes uncovered when we work on our clients’ cases. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their criminal defense cases are handled professionally, efficiently and successfully.

Felonies Henderson, Nevada

A conviction for a felony can be a life-altering thing. Luckily, with the right lawyer, people can be insulated from the effects that may occur if they are threatened by a felony. Many felonies are punished by time in state prison while some only carry formal probation. The varieties of crimes that can be classified as a felony are surprising to many people, and they include the following:

  • White Collar crimes like bribery, forgeries, fraud, lying under oath, embezzling, computer crimes
  • Having, making, or selling drugs in addition to possessing drugs with intent to sell them
  • Sexual crimes including abuse, assault, possessing pornography
  • Violent crimes like murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, arson
  • Fourth DUI offense in a ten year period

As a felony attorney, we help our clients to see whether or not there were mitigating factors in the crime such as if the defendant was involved in the crime. We will also try to determine whether or not the accused person used a weapon while committing the crime. Our firm will do everything in our power to help our clients get through these difficult cases. Our goal is to get our clients to the place that they started. We do not want our clients to be adversely affected by having a felony on their record, and we work hard to avoid that.

Misdemeanors Henderson, Nevada

If you have been accused of misdemeanors, it can be difficult to navigate the legal system. Luckily, you can get the guidance that you need by working with a knowledgeable defense attorney. At our firm, we understand both sides of the legal process, and we work hard day and night to ensure that you get the representation that you deserve.

We represent children, adults and even tourists who have been accused of everything from traffic violations to domestic violence to drug violations. We help our clients to avoid time in jail, to avoid fines, and even to avoid probation. We use our years of legal experience to ensure that our clients get the best treatment as possible.

Sexual Assault Henderson, Nevada

When it comes to sexual assault cases, our attorneys know how sensitive these cases can be. We use our years of professionalism to ensure that our clients are treated with the dignity that they deserve in these cases. Whether we are screening jury members for prejudice or studying statements from witnesses, we ensure that we do each task as carefully and thoroughly as possible. We also know how humiliating these cases can be for our clients so we offer them our confidentiality and free consultations.

DUI / DWI Defense Henderson, Nevada

If you have ever been subjected to a field sobriety test, you may know how horrible it can be to be taken away in handcuffs. If you are convicted in a DUI / DWI defense case, you could face jail time, probation, a lost driver’s license, heavy fines, or a combination of many of these things. We know how to insulate our clients from punishments like these. We look carefully at each case so that we can ascertain where the legal loopholes are, and we work hard to make sure that you get the least punishment possible. State DUI laws are not cut and dry, and our experience means that we have the expertise to guide your case in the direction that it needs to go.

Get a Criminal Defense Attorney Now

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