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The Law Office of Jess R. Marchese is noted for our expertise in criminal defense law. Located in Spring Valley, Nevada, our clients receive sound legal advice from a law firm that is skilled in criminal law. Criminal defense, DUI / DWI, misdemeanors, felonies, and sexual assault cases are accepted for review and possible representation by our firm.

While there are other criminal defense representatives available to potential clients, our firm proudly employs an experienced team. Our clients are able to meet with us for a free initial consultation and will be assured of our complete confidentiality. Our firm is more than qualified to handle every type of criminal defense case.

Our firm has represented individuals who have been charged with everything from homicides to fraud. We make sure that all pertinent information is gathered prior to any and all hearings via the latest research methods.


Sobriety tests are fairly common when officers believe an individual is driving while intoxicated. Individuals in this situation can be faced with punishments including jail time, driver’s license revocation, probation, and heavy fines. DUI / DWI convictions are not to be laughed at. Clients are legally protected from these types of punishments. Loopholes are specifically looked for to benefit the client. State DUI / DWI laws are not always clear-cut, making it easier for people who are facing DUI / DWI charges to have a better chance at leaving hearings with decreased forms of legal punishments.

The Law Office of Jess R. Marchese offers complimentary consultations to each potential client. The issue or issues involved are discussed in complete privacy, behind closed doors. Free consultations allow us and the potential client the opportunity to review specific laws and see if they have a valid claim. No pressure is put on the client; the client chooses if he or she wants to be represented by our firm. Everything discussed during the consultation remains confidential, even if the client opts to consult with a different legal office.

Misdemeanors in Spring Valley, California

The legal system can be difficult for those who have been accused of committing misdemeanors.  Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney can help bring understanding and peace to those facing criminal charges. This particular type of crime is not as bad as other crimes in the eyes of the law. Having a good lawyer can mean the difference between being charged and being cleared in such matters. Misdemeanors are professionally handled by The Law Office of Jess R. Marchese on a routine basis.

A variety of clients charged with misdemeanors have been represented by our firm. Both adults and minors have acquired help from our law office. Everything from traffic infractions to domestic issues has been handled by the criminal defense team at our firm. We work to make our clients happy by helping them avoid fines, getting their probation dropped, or greatly reducing jail time.


A felony conviction can change a person’s life. Seeking the help of a defense attorney can help alter or avoid potential legal actions. It is fairly common for felonies to be punished by jail time in state prison. Our law office, in Spring Valley, Nevada, helps those accused of committing a felony avoid jail time.

Many different types of crimes are considered felonies. These crimes can include lesser actions such as embezzlement, forgery, lying under oath, fraud, and computer crimes. Possession of drugs is also included in this grouping. In addition to the previous named acts, sexual crimes can also be considered felonies. Possession of minors in pornographic materials, abuse, and assault are a few examples of sexual crimes.

Hiring a well-informed criminal defense attorney will help any given client determine whether there were mitigating factors involved. Issues surrounding weapons is also looked into by our firm. We aim to maintain a clean criminal record for our clients.

Sexual Assault Cases

Sexual assault cases are sensitive in nature. Clients involved in such matters can rest easily knowing their attorney will be working to get their client the fairest trial possible. Any legal representative dealing in this type of case knows both human emotions and the law are heavily involved. Jury members are carefully selected, when necessary. Confidentiality is held in the highest respect in sexual assault claims. Our firm helps the accused weigh through the various emotions and legal curve balls associated with sexual assault crimes. Sexual assault matters are serious but they can be survived.

Finding a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Spring Valley

People in seek of help can be assured every aspect of criminal defense is reviewed and discussed in detail by our firm. When you call we want to give you an idea of how we will fight your case. No stone is left unturned because we want to get you the outcome you deserve.

Call The Law Office of Jess R. Marchese at 702-385-5377 to discuss your criminal defense, DUI / DWI, sexual assault, felony or misdemeanor case with an experienced attorney.

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