The Law Office of Jess Marchese in Las Vegas offers you the best chance of clearing your name from the burden of a criminal record, as we are experienced with expungement cases in the state of Nevada.

Making sure that the past does not prevent you from getting ahead tomorrow means that you need to rid yourself of any record of alleged wrongdoing. This is where choosing a criminal defense attorney with the experience and determination to see you win justice is so important.

Nevada does provide an opportunity for any person who has had a previous criminal record the chance, at some point in their life, to remove the stigma of something they may not have done. However, the opportunity for expungement is not offered lightly.

Why is Expungement so Important?

The need for our expungement services has increased out of all proportion in the last decade or two because of the rise in criminal background checks. The fact that so much of people’s identity is recorded and retained in electronic form means that it is has become easy for potential employers to gain access to a person’s past. The same goes for banks and finance companies. Your record may even affect your chance of free movement overseas. Whether the original conviction was justified or not at the time of your sentence, it is something that you have been punished for once already.

The effects of a past record being used against you at any time in the future amounts to being a second punishment. This is unfair and it has led to many states bringing in expungement laws, which enables a former alleged criminal to be able to remove some or all of the traces of their past record.

Is Expungement Permanent?

The extent of the expungement of someone’s records does vary from state to state, but most states will retain some account of the record. In many cases, the past criminal record of any person who is accused of having committed an offense for a second time in the future can be taken into account, even if their record was expunged at some point.

This means that the act of expungement may not be entirely permanent, but is still genuinely intended to enable any person who has shown signs of rehabilitation a chance to reintegrate themselves back into society.

Here in Nevada, expungement proceedings can be quite complicated and in some situations the final decision is made by the judge, after considering and weighing up the repercussions on the wider public interest.

What is Needed Before Filing for Expungement?

In most states, anyone who wishes to have their record expunged needs to have shown a clear track record indicating that they have:

  • Shown no inclination to repeat an offense for which they had been originally convicted
  • Completed any probation period successfully
  • Paid any fines in full
  • Attended any court ordered classes
  • Not committed any further offense during the rehabilitation period
  • Remained in good public standing

Whatever the situation in which you obtained a criminal record in the first place, it is vital that you contact the right expungement attorney to help you get on with your life.

Finding the Right Lawyer

The Law Office of Jess Marchese has dealt with many expungement cases. We have developed a unique and determined approach to help clear our clients of criminal records that have continued to dog them and prevent them from fully reintegrating their lives into wider society.

The expungement procedure requires a proficient lawyer to set in motion a petition to change the original sentence of “guilty” to “not guilty, which means reopening the original case and getting a second hearing.

We are able to do the necessary legal analysis and prepare the groundwork to present your case for successful expungement. Having our experienced firm handle your case means that you will get the very best chance of having your case viewed favorably.

If you have had a criminal record of any type and you want to file for expungement of these records, you need to contact The Law Office of Jess Marchese in Las Vegas today at (702) 385-5377 for a free consultation.

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