Fraud or Embezzlement

If you suspect that you are being questioned by your employer or police investigators or have been arrested for fraud or embezzlement you need the services of a qualified and experienced attorney. Don’t hesitate to contact The Law Office of Jess Marchese here in Las Vegas, Nevada, for a free consultation to discuss your fraud or embezzlement case.

Fraud and embezzlement are difficult cases for any prosecution to successfully win. They normally involve using hearsay evidence and long and complex analysis of documentation. Using a firm skilled in fraud or embezzlement cases may be able to:

  • Clear you of any suspicion of wrongdoing if you are entirely innocent of any alleged crime
  • Negotiate with any alleged victim and arrange an alternative form of redress which is acceptable to the alleged victim
  • Reduce a sentence to a misdemeanor, if found guilty of fraud or embezzlement
  • Reduce or commute any sentence if found guilty of a felony

Whatever your situation, if you choose to use our services, then you get the very best criminal defense attorney available in Las Vegas. We defend our clients aggressively and pull no punches when it comes to taking your case to trial.

How Serious are Fraud or Embezzlement?

Both fraud and embezzlement are considered white-collar crimes, but their seriousness depends on any previous convictions for the same type of offense and the amount of money that is involved. You will definitely need a criminal defense attorney to represent you in the event you are arrested for either offense.

First offenses may result in a fine, community sentence or imprisonment, depending on the amount involved. Second offenses are usually considered much more seriously and normally result in a prison sentence, either in a county jail or state prison, for more than one year.

What is the Difference Between Fraud and Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is the simplest to define because it usually involves stealing money from somebody who has some level of trust in you. In a way, it is a type of theft, but there is always a certain relationship between the person who allegedly embezzled and the victim.

Typically, the embezzler is an employee of a company or a government agency and in most cases has been given the responsibility to handle or look after some amount of money.

For the prosecution to win an embezzlement case they not only have to prove that the alleged perpetrator is actually in possession of the money, but also has taken it with the intention of keeping the money for themselves. In addition, the alleged embezzler has to be shown to have been trusted with the money by their victim.

Fraud is more complex, because there are many definitions for it and these differ from state to state. What might be considered fraud in Nevada might not be exactly the same in California or Arizona.

Fraud typically involves using deception or the falsification of documents in order to obtain some personal benefit. It has widened in scope immensely because of the use of the internet. The ability of someone committing fraud to hide their identity and location has made the detection and prosecution of fraud much more difficult.

Interestingly, in the U.S. most fraud is associated with owners of businesses and company executives, rather than employees.

You are Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Remember that you are not guilty of any offense unless it has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt. However, even the suspicion of having committed an offense can dramatically alter the relationship you have had with your employer as well as your colleagues. Any alleged offense can have long-term repercussions on your employment and career prospects as well as your ability to obtain credit.

For this reason, you should not delay if you think that you are being investigated for fraud or embezzlement. Whatever your level of involvement, you should contact us at The Law Office of Jess Marchese in Las Vegas as soon as possible in order to prepare a thorough and vigorous defense.

We have had years of experience defending clients who have been accused of both fraud and embezzlement and have aggressively pursued their cause with excellent outcomes won on their behalf.

If you have been accused of fraud or embezzlement or feel that you are under investigation for either of these offenses and need a criminal defense attorney, you need to contact The Law Office of Jess Marchese in Las Vegas today at (702) 385-5377 for a free consultation.

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