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Las Vegas Weapons Charges and Gun Crimes

Have You Been charged in Las Vegas With Gun Possession or a Firearm related Crime? Contact us right away. Cops and prosecutors in Las Vegas take gun crimes seriously. Every year, the laws get stricter and the penalties more severe. At our Law Office, we understand. Our lawyers possess the knowledge to guide persons charged with gun crimes and weapons charges.

We understand what is going through your mind right now. You’re afraid and confused by a system that is too large. It might help to be aware that police officers in Las Vegas usually make significant mistakes in their investigation and when gathering evidence.

With an experienced attorney helping you, you will have straight answers and the comfort of knowing you’ve got experienced, vigorous representation to protect your legal rights and fight to find a solution that will keep you outside of jail. Our staff has an outstanding history of success.

Our lawyers have dealt with many types of violent crime cases involving firearm offenses such as:

  •  Manslaughter, murder and homicide
  •  Assault with a deadly weapon
  •  Armed robbery
  •  Domestic violence
  •  Unlawful Possession of a Firearm
  •  Unlawful Possession of a Weapon
  •  Possession of a Firearm or Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose
  •  Certain Persons not to Have Firearms or Weapons

You have someone on your side and, certainly, we shall help you on how best to defend your case. Speak to our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers right now for an absolutely free consultation with an expert criminal jury trial attorney. We offer aggressive advocacy focused on obtaining positive results in your case.

Las Vegas Gun Crimes Lawyer

Las Vegas Weapons Charges Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a Las Vegas gun crime, our firm will take an early, thorough, and powerful position on your behalf. If convicted, you might serve a mandatory sentence in a state prison.

Speak to a lawyer as soon as you realize you’re in trouble. It never helps to speak with the police or prosecutors without an attorney, they will use whatever you say against you.

Call our law firm and make arrangements for a free consultation about your firearms charges. We will challenge gun crime charges that expose you to the potential risk of serving prison time when you should not.

If you were picked up for selling drugs and the police officers decide you were “close to a gun” – the effects can be much more serious than the usual simple drug offense. We will work to successfully get the evidence in weapons offenses cases thrown out.

A possible defense to a weapons charge may be to show that, although the firearm was in the car you used, it was not your gun, it was not your vehicle, or the drugs weren’t your drugs. If you’ve been stopped and searched unlawfully, evidence could be suppressed or thrown out since it was found through illegal search and seizure. We are fully familiar with your rights under the State and US Constitutions with regards to illegal search and seizure.

Any police arrest for a violent crime becomes more serious for the accused when weapons charges are involved, such as domestic violence, robbery, and sex crimes. Simple assault could become aggravated assault or attempted murder. A common altercation can be interpreted as gang violence.

Phone our office right away to talk with a Las Vegas gun crimes lawyer. We shall strongly represent your rights under federal law and the laws and regulations of our state.

Las Vegas Weapons Charges Lawyer

If you have been arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm you will need to have a great Las Vegas gun charge lawyer to make sure that the prosecution doesn’t achieve their wishes of a long sentence. Being charged for weapons charges can have serious effects. In most states, there are mandatory sentences that increase an original charge when a weapon is employed in the commission of a crime.

Because of this, many prosecutors will use the illegal possession of a weapon as an element of a combined set of charges that can produce a significantly harsher sentence if you are convicted. When you are arrested for illegal possession of a weapon or gun, having a Las Vegas criminal lawyer that is familiar with the complexities of these kinds of crimes is very important.

There are particular agencies in the Federal government that look into federal weapons charges. The federal prosecutors focus exclusively on these kinds of crimes and pursue them strongly. Your gun charges attorney Las Vegas will know the methods of the ATF and FBI as well as the various measures that is to be taken if you are going to be tried in federal court.

The way that the judicial system operates in federal court is different in a state court. This can be very bewildering for anybody who is not familiar with the processes and doesn’t know very well what to expect.

Your lawyer can tell you how your trial may be done in federal court and may have to prepare your defense for both state and federal court. Among the weapons charges that you might be charged with are:

  •  Armed robbery
  •  Felon in possession of a firearm
  •  Illegal sale of a firearm
  •  Illegal discharge of a weapon
  •  Possession of prohibited weapons
  •  Trafficking of firearms

Conviction of weapons charges may result in a long time in state or federal prison, fines, parole, as well as other expenses. In addition, when found guilty of this kind of felony one is no longer able to carry weapons later on, an inability to get jobs, get professional licenses, and live an ordinary life. This is especially true if the weapons charge is part of a combined charge.

Once you meet with one of our lawyers, they are going to advise you on what you can expect at trial. The lawyer will meet with witnesses and investigate the weapons crimes and, if a combined charge, the additional crimes that you are charged with. He will work aggressively to have sure that your defense plan is sound and will work to get the charges decreased so that they don’t have the bad impact on your life that this kind of felony can lead to.

Weapons charges are very grave and it truly is crucial that you speak to an experienced and knowledgeable attorney whenever you are charged with this crime. By having your attorney along with you at the time of questioning, you won’t be deceived into making admissions that may be used against you in court.

It is very important for you to talk with your lawyer only and don’t answer any questions until your attorney is together with you. If you have been arrested for possession of a firearm, make certain you find the best Las Vegas weapons charges attorney to represent you.

Firearm offenses are high priority criminal cases for prosecutors both in federal and state courts. The effects are severe, particularly if the gun is connected with any other crime, the gun is discharged. And in case you have a previous felony conviction, a firearm offense can bring about many years in prison; and unless you’ve had your Firearm Rights Restored, you face a long mandatory jail term.

If you’ve been charged with a Las Vegas Gun Crime or a Federal Gun Crime, you should speak to a competent, expert Las Vegas Gun Crimes Attorney who has knowledge with all aspects of gun crimes and all related charges.

We have the critical knowledge to defend your rights, and discover the best possible end result for your case. Should you have an earlier felony conviction and would like to Restore Your Firearm Rights, we could assist you in that process.

If you are facing gun or weapon violations, you should have aggressive representation right away. Phone right now for an absolutely free consultation.

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