Hit and Run

If you have been charged with a hit and run, it can be very difficult to know where to turn for the legal help that you need. These are very serious charges and can have severe consequences if you do not find the proper legal representation for yourself. The Law Office of Jess Marchese understands the situation you are in and with many jury trials under our belts, we are ready for your case.

What Defines a Hit and Run Crime?

A hit and run is vehicular crime and it is defined as the act of causing or contributing to a traffic accident, and then leaving the scene of the accident without identifying yourself. This failure to stop after a traffic accident in the state of Nevada is taken very seriously by the legal system and that is why it is so important for you to obtain qualified legal representation.

What are the Consequences of a Hit and Run Crime?

As stated above, being accused of a hit and run crime is very serious. There are numerous penalties enforced by the Nevada justice system depending on the severity of the crime. Some of these possible legal consequences include the following:

  • Having your driver’s license suspended
  • Your insurance company voiding your policy
  • Paying a fine
  • Completing community service

If the crime is considered a criminal offense, however, the legal consequences are more severe. Some of the possibilities of these include those listed above, plus:

  • Having your driver’s license permanently revoked
  • Paying a much larger fine
  • Jail
  • Prison

If you have been accused of a hit and run crime in Las Vegas county, then you need to hire the best legal representation available. With over 30 years of experience, the Law Office of Jess Marchese has a dedicated staff to conduct the research needed for these types of cases.  This includes a team of investigators that will visit the scene of the crime, take photographs and generate a comprehensive report that will be utilized in your defense.

Choose an Attorney That Can Handle Every Aspect of Your Case

There is a chance that your case may need a trial, so it is imperative to retain an attorney with substantial trial experience. However, there is also a chance that your case may be resolved through a plea bargain. So, it is imperative that you select an attorney that has the ability to negotiate with the district attorney.

Regardless of the needs of your case, it is imperative that you seek a legal team that can meet those needs. The Law Office of Jess Marchese not only meets those needs – we will exceed them.

The Law Office of Jess Marchese is ready to represent you in your hit and run case. Our highly skilled, diligent staff will quickly and professionally address every aspect of your case.

Contact The Law Office of Jess Marchese today at (702) 385-5377 for your free consultation with an experienced Las Vegas, Nevada hit and run attorney.

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