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The Las Vegas internet crime defense lawyers at our firm represent people who have been charged with or perhaps are under investigation for computer and Internet-related crimes in Las Vegas. Call a Las Vegas cyber crime lawyer today for a no cost consultation.

Las Vegas Computer Crimes Lawyer

New technology inevitably demands adjustments to the law, however it takes time for an emerging area of law to fully develop.

However, what doesn’t change are definitely the constitutional rights and civil rights given to every citizen: the right to privacy, the right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure, and the right to private property. Federal and state law enforcement officials often violate these legal rights when investigating a case, going so far as to entrap or even harass citizens.

The Las Vegas internet crime defense lawyers at our firm fight for people facing criminal charges for actions that reportedly used the web as a tool, including:

  •  Internet fraud and computer fraud, including e-mail campaigns to secure bank information such as Nigeria e-mails, ebay scams, as well as modeling scams
  •  Credit card fraud and identity theft, phishing, pharming, and also DNS hijacking
  •  Internet gambling
  •  Sale of counterfeit goods over the internet, including software piracy, computer game piracy, video game piracy, music piracy
  •  Internet pornography, including possession of child pornography, dissemination of child pornography, and violation of local obscenity ordinances
  •  Cyber stalking
  •  Sexual solicitation, which includes online child sex solicitation, instant messaging sexually explicit material to children
  •  Human trafficking – using the web for illegal online trafficking of women or children for sex or servitude and child sexual exploitation

A specialized area of cyberlaw involves crimes against computers and the internet, such as:

  •  Internet viruses
  •  Hacking and computer sabotage
  •  Invasion of privacy by planting crimeware and spyware

What is an Internet Crime Las Vegas?

An internet crime is a criminal act that is committed while using the internet or while on the internet.

Frequently Committed Internet Crimes

In our state, commonly committed internet crimes can include: internet fraud, phishing, credit card fraud, illegal downloading, child pornography, illegal pornography, as well as illegal distribution of viruses/spam.

Las Vegas Internet Crime Legal Penalties

Once a person is convicted an internet crime, he/she could be punished with:

  •  Imprisonment
  •  Large fines
  •  Community service
  •  Probation
  •  Parole
  •  Restitution

When the defendant has a previous criminal offense on his/her record, or if ever the defendant committed a sex crime involving a minor while using the internet, he/she might be subject to enhanced criminal charges as well as sentencing when convicted. Due to the life-changing legal consequences that will be involved, it is actually in somebody’s best interest to find the services of a criminal defense attorney Las Vegas who has the legal experience and knowledge it takes to effectively fight internet crime charges.

Hiring an expert Internet Crimes Attorney Las Vegas

We are a criminal defense law firm that has been assisting clients throughout Las Vegas contest their criminal charges and get excellent results for several years. Our skilled internet crimes lawyers have a great deal of court room experience and we are truly prepared to undertake our clients’ cases. Whenever we help our clients, we all do everything possible to be certain that they get the attention, resources, and dedicated legal counsel that they deserve.

If you are charged with a serious Las Vegas internet offense, don’t hesitate to phone our firm right now. Our experienced legal team can look at your case plus tell you of your legal options.

Las Vegas Internet Crime Defense Lawyers

At our criminal defense law firm, we protect people charged with Internet crimes such as phishing, eBay fraud, hacking, identity theft, and also malicious distribution of a computer virus.

Many Internet crimes, like other white-collar crimes, are felonies and carry mandatory minimum sentences. A mandatory minimum sentence means the judge is required to put you to jail for a certain time period with no possibility of probation or early parole.

A conviction for an Internet crime would also make it hard for you to get a job when you get out of jail. Very few employers would think about hiring somebody who has a conviction for eBay fraud or even identity theft. For you to maintain your freedom as well as your future, you need an Las Vegas Internet crimes defense lawyer who is willing to fight for you.

Las Vegas Internet Sex Crimes

Internet sex crimes, specially those involving children for example possession of child pornography or perhaps solicitation of minors in chat rooms, bring about a lot more outrage and condemnation than almost any other kind of crime. The accused will be shown as leading double lives and unworthy of the basic constitutional freedoms, which regularly, we take for granted.

Like other sex offenses, Internet sex crimes carry the probability of lifetime registration as a sex offender once you’ve served your sentence. Confronted by the chance of a long prison sentence and a lifetime of tracking and registration, you must have a lawyer who is ready to fight for you and who can poke openings in the prosecution’s case.

The defense for many sex crimes related to chat room conversations is entrapment, since law enforcement officers posing as kids are usually quite pushy to meet up with the adult. We have also defended child pornography cases by showing that other people have had access to the computer and also that our client was elsewhere when the pictures had been downloaded.

Contact right away for an absolutely free case evaluation: Do not let anyone pressure you into pleading guilty to an Internet crime. Contact a Las Vegas Internet crimes defense attorney today.

Las Vegas Cyber Crime

Our law firm’s Las Vegas cyber crime, computer crime, internet crime and criminal defense lawyers, have many years of criminal law experience. Our experience consists of considerable hands-on experience in how cyber crimes are investigated, charged and prosecuted. We make use of this working experience on our clients’ behalf as assertive Las Vegas cyber crime criminal defense attorneys.

Cyber, internet, and computer crimes are being prosecuted in an approach never seen before. Cyber crimes are a growing, difficult area of the law. Technology is changing the way in which people survive everyday, and the courts are no different. While technology changes, so does the law. Computer forensics is now being used like never before to get evidence that may or may not imply what it depicts.

Frequently, it is not about what the data reveals, but how the data found its way to a specific place within a computer and what caused it to be there. What lawyers usually overlook in cyber crimes cases are the details, like viruses, spyware and downloading software — all the different circumstances that could explain the evidence.

Do not wait – let our firm of Las Vegas cyber crime criminal defense attorneys defend your good name and reputation.

We offer zero cost, confidential consultations to prospective clients and their loved ones, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Call right now or speak to us online to get a Totally free, CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION.

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