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Has your child been charged with a crime? Have police officers approached you and your kid about an investigation? Don’t take any chances with your child’s future. Call our law office right away for an absolutely free consultation.

With several years of juvenile attorney practical experience and many hours in court, our Las Vegas Juvenile law attorneys can give you with helpful information and representation. With reasonable flat rate fees there’s really no good reason to delay. Call or e-mail today!

In the event that your child is arrested, DO NOT think that “everything will work out okay.” The District Attorney will probably charge your kid with a crime no matter what you say to them! Whether or not your kid is guilty of a crime, he or she should get to be treated fairly by both law enforcement officials and judges.

Plus in case you feel your child acted incorrectly and deserves appropriate consequences, our office will work to make certain your own child isn’t punished excessively or unfairly.

Our law office has a reputation making certain that your child’s self-esteem and welfare have the best consideration. For a zero cost consultation, contact today.

Las Vegas Juvenile Lawyer

All of our highly qualified as well as knowledgeable attorneys are committed to assisting clients in a number of juvenile law related matters. Juvenile cases come under 1 of 2 types of issues, which are listed and explained below. Our firm prides itself in simply being one of the few firms in the area that have dealt with countless juvenile cases and thoroughly know the juvenile court system in Las Vegas.

Dependency / Child’s Court Las Vegas

This particular area of juvenile law is intended for dealing with situations in which children have already been taken off a parent’s care by a social worker or perhaps the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) for a variety of good reasons.

Our firm is committed to assisting people in Las Vegas hoping to gain back custody of their children and defends them against abuse or perhaps neglect charges that could be related in the situation.


These kinds of juvenile law issues deal with criminal charges that are filed against an individual under 18 years of age. Our Las Vegas lawyers have dealt with lots of delinquency cases in special courts which were developed especially for juvenile delinquency matters.

These individuals might eventually be tried as an adult, but all of the matters involving minors begin in delinquency court. A fitness hearing is normally held to determine if the kid is fit to stand trial in adult, or superior, court.

You don’t need to handle juvenile law matters regarding your own children by yourself. Have an attorney at our firm assist you to look into your options. For your zero cost initial consultation with a Las Vegas juvenile law attorney call us right away, or get in touch with us online.

Juvenile Law Las Vegas

Juvenile law treats criminal offenders, i.e., anyone who has not reached age 18 during the time of their offenses, are treated differently than adult offenders. Although each state’s juvenile case procedure varies, these steps are common to most state juvenile justice systems: intake, consent decree, fitness hearing, adjudicatory hearing, disposition plan, disposition hearing, probation review hearings, and then case termination. Aside from that, most states have laws and regulations that allow or require juvenile records to be expunged once the juvenile grows to a specific age.

Las Vegas Juvenile Delinquency Law

In most states, a minor must be represented by an attorney. In the event that you can’t afford a lawyer, a Public Defender will be designated to represent the minor. You must complete an affidavit of your earnings and expenses to be eligible for a Public Defender. It is a tough standard to meet.

A minor, for purposes of juvenile court is understood to be an individual who is below the age of 17 at that time the supposed offense is committed.

The objective of the Juvenile Court Act is to help out the juvenile, preferably in his or her own home, strengthening the family unit whenever needed or possible. The Juvenile Courtroom is a private, closed courtroom. Once you reach the designated courtroom, you sign in with the Deputy Sheriff and are called into court privately.

The only people in the court room will be the Judge, and his Clerk, the Deputy, a Court Reporter, Assistant State’s Attorneys and various juvenile probation officers.

In case the minor chooses to plead guilty, or is found guilty by the judge, the penalties for juvenile cases vary from court supervision; probation, time in the Juvenile Detention Center or moving to the State Department of Corrections Juvenile Center.

Other areas of law within the Juvenile Court Act are:

1) Abused, Neglected, Dependent Minors

2) Minors Requiring Authoritative Intervention

3) Addicted Minors. Our practice is involved with juveniles who are charged under the Delinquency Section of the Act.

Las Vegas Juvenile Attorney

Las Vegas Criminal Defense for Minors.

Being a parent is hard. Parenting teenagers is very challenging. When your teen gets into trouble, it is often tough to know how to carry on. Do you let the kid sink or swim, or do you offer help?

At our law firm, we advocate for kids who have become involved with the juvenile justice system. Our law firm has long been helping families for several years, giving our expertise and experience to bear on a wide range of juvenile issues. Our goals are straightforward: guide young people in the legal system safely and land in a place where they can move forward with their lives.

We provide highly personal focus on young people and their own parents. At our firm, we’re able to take the time needed to get acquainted with our clients and understand their situations completely. We do not practice cookie-cutter law but tailor our legal solutions to each individual who comes into our office.

Since youth behavior problems can affect the whole family, we all know that guiding a teenager through the juvenile court system is not enough. Our attorneys frequently refer members of the family to organizations that can help them learn how to deal with stressful events and also find out positive ways to connect to each other.

It is important to have legal support and counsel as soon as possible if your child gets caught in the Las Vegas juvenile system. To schedule a no cost initial phone consultation with a Las Vegas juvenile attorney, phone us right away to talk about your own situation.

Las Vegas Juvenile Defense Attorneys

Giving the best juvenile defense

We are experienced and devoted Las Vegas juvenile criminal defense lawyers who have successfully dealt with numerous juvenile cases. We have worked with the local juvenile deputy district attorney assigned to the District Lawyers Juvenile Branch.

We are knowledgeable juvenile criminal defense lawyers Las Vegas who can properly represent children charged with juvenile crimes ranging from murder, attempted murder, car-jacking, armed robbery, hate crimes, assault and battery, car theft, drug possession and sales, DUI, rape, and molestation.

Most criminal defense lawyers focus their practice on adult cases and hardly ever practice in juvenile court. As a result, these criminal defense lawyers often lack the experience and understanding to effectively represent children in juvenile court.

Most of the rules and procedures in Juvenile Court are different than adult court. There is no right to a jury trial and there is no right to bail. Don’t get an inexperienced juvenile defense lawyer Las Vegas. Your child’s freedom and future is at stake.

Our Juvenile Defense Lawyer Las Vegas possesses a superior level of knowledge, skill and experience in juvenile law. Few criminal defense attorneys have devoted their practice to juvenile law. In case you are a parent whose child is facing a juvenile delinquency case, it is very important to get a knowledgeable juvenile defense attorney to assist your kid.

Because practical experience matters, phone juvenile criminal defense lawyer Las Vegas today for an Absolutely free consultation for all those Las Vegas Juvenile Court concerns.

Phone now to talk with seasoned juvenile defense attorney, your own child’s freedom and future depends on it.

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