Probation Violation

It might be surprising to know that it is easy to violate probation, because the conditions are so strict. The outcome of even the slightest probation violation can end up with very stiff penalties. The Law Office of Jess Marchese in Las Vegas has the knowledge to help you in this situation. We will aggressively fight to ensure you get justice. We have experience in assisting clients throughout Las Vegas, Nevada with avoiding serious punishments for their probation violations.

People on Probation have Legal Rights

Someone on probation has a right to legal representation at the probation violation hearing. Most defense lawyers will attempt to win a shorter stay in prison for their client.

What is Probation?

Probation is granted when a person who has actually been sentenced to a prison term, but that prison sentence is suspended or delayed for a certain period of time. If the person on probation successfully completes the probation period, which normally ranges from between 3 and 5 years without any violation, then the case will be closed and no time in prison will be necessary. However, if the person is found to have violated their probation, then the judge may impose the original prison sentence.

Conditions of Probation

There is always a long list of conditions with any probation, but this is of course dependent on the type of offense actually committed. It is usual for the judge, when sentencing, to decide what conditions are attached to the probation.

Probation Requirements

There are always probation requirements and these are as follows:

  • Report to a probation officer on a regular basis
  • Tell your probation officer if you change your address
  • Taking drugs and consuming alcohol is banned in some cases
  • Expect periodic testing for illegal drug use
  • Possession of all types of weapons is banned
  • Ban on meeting up with known felons or any gang members
  • Obey all laws and behave as a good citizen
  • Ban on interstate travel
  • The probationer must attempt to gain employment

The allocated probation officer and probation violation lawyer can explain the conditions of probation and what will take place if your conditions are violated.

Most common probation violations are as follows:

  • Failing to stay in employment
  • Failing to obey a curfew
  • Possessing a firearm
  • Consumption of alcohol or drugs
  • Contacting the victim

 Probation Violations have consequences such as:

  • The person on probation gives up any good behavior credits
  • Probation may be revoked and a term in prison may be enforced

Juvenile Probation is an Issue

A probation violation lawyer can assist young people who are accused of failing to obey the rules of their probation. It is very important for young people to have the best representation that is available. The future of a young person is dependent on avoiding any more trouble. The Law Office of Jess Marchese will work within the current system to do all we can to ensure your loved one does not end up in jail.

If you have been accused of probation violation then you need to have representation to defend your actions. If you live in the Las Vegas area, then contacting The Law Office of Jess Marchese will ensure that your case is heard and every effort will be made to keep your penalty to a minimum.

If you have been accused of probation violation and need a criminal defense attorney, you need to contact The Law Office of Jess Marchese in Las Vegas today at (702) 385-5377 for a free consultation.

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