Often we think that theft is a minor crime compared to murder or sex offenses, but it can still mean high fines and periods of imprisonment. If you apply for a job, many employers will simply ignore your application if they find you have a theft conviction. At The Law Office of Jess Marchese, we have been very successful in reducing theft charges to much less serious offenses. In many cases, theft offenses are completely dismissed, so your criminal record stays clean.

Before you come into our office, it is useful for you to read the information below so you know what you are up against and what penalties there are for theft in the state of Nevada.

What is Theft?

Theft to us might mean taking of goods without permission, but in the eyes of Nevada lawmakers there are several ways that theft can be defined. The simplest types of theft are petit larceny, grand larceny, shoplifting, burglary, robbery and pickpocketing.

Petit and Grand Larceny

Petit larceny is the theft of money or property that has a value less than $250, for example taking food from a food stand without paying.

A prosecutor will rarely ignore this offense and pay back will be required. Sometimes the convicted person will need to pay a fine and attend a school for petit larceny.

Grand larceny involves taking money or property that has a value of at least $250.


Shoplifting has been assigned its own category of theft and is seen as a type of larceny. As the word suggests, it is the removing of store goods without paying for them. The charges are often minimal if the amount stolen is repaid or the goods are returned and the culprit attends a theft class.


Theft, through burglary, happens when an individual enters a building or a vehicle with the intention of stealing something. Therefore, if someone sees a valuable item peering at them through a window and then breaks into the home with the purpose of stealing it, they may be charged with burglary.

If the prosecutor is unable to prove that you intended to steal any property when you entered the car or home, then burglary charges will not hold up.


Robbery takes place when someone’s personal property is taken with the use of force, for example holding up a cashier at a gas station.

Innocent people are often wrongfully accused of this offense, as witnesses often fail to identify the robber correctly, especially when they so often wear masks to conceal their identity.

The Crime of Larceny

Pickpocketing can be defined as taking a person’s possessions and the victim does not see it happen, as no force is used.

There are many other types of theft such as:

  • Grand larceny of a motor vehicle
  • Possession of a stolen vehicle
  • Possession of stolen property
  • Trick-rolling

If you have been accused of any type of theft you will need a good criminal defense lawyer to explain which category of theft applies to you and the likely penalty. At The Law Office of Jesse Marchese, we are waiting to aggressively defend you and your theft charge. We try to make sure all our clients are given a just penalty for their crimes. Usually, we are able to negotiate a lesser penalty if circumstances allow.

If you have been accused of any type of theft and need a criminal defense attorney, you need to contact The Law Office of Jess Marchese in Las Vegas today at (702) 385-5377 for a free consultation.

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